2019 Summer Camps

Python is an extremely versatile programming language that is used for everything from website development to machine learning and artificial intelligence. With its concise and English-like syntax, it is a perfect language for beginners to learn.
Learning computer science develops problem solving capabilities, logical thinking skills, and various other abilities that help students use computers to solve real-world problems.
This year, we're offering two week-long camps to introduce Python programming in a fun and exciting way through project-based learning.
These courses will take place at the Cupertino Library, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You can register for both of our classes here.

Introduction to Python Programming: July 15–19

This introductory course is targeted toward students with little to no programming experience. Students will begin by learning about flowcharts, types, variables, and operators, and will go on to utilize conditionals, loops, and other control structures. At the end of the week, they will have created a project of their own using what they have learned.

Intermediate Python Programming: July 22–26

For this course, students should have already taken the introductory course or already have some experience with topics covered in that course. Students will learn more advanced concepts in programming as well as use a library called Pygame to create their own fun games, with graphics and user input. Students will create many projects throughout this course.