THIS CLASS IS FULL. Please sign up for Introduction to Python (Session 2) instead.
From machine learning algorithms to the inner workings of websites that we use every day, the Python programming language is used almost everywhere! In this course we will dive into the basics of the language, including variables, lists, dictionaries, conditionals, loops, functions, and much more. Students will use Python to create programs and eventually terminal-based games.
Date: July 6July 10
Time: 9:00 AM11:00 AM
Recommended Grades: 49
Location: Online


Franklin Wang
Franklin is a rising junior at Palo Alto High School who has had over five years of experience with programming. Franklin has created many projects with a variety of programming languages, including Python and Java. Franklin is also a co-founder of PCF and has taught Python during the past two summers. Aside from programming, Franklin also enjoys playing the oboe and participates in Science Olympiad.

Oliver Ni
Oliver is a rising junior at Lynbrook High School who loves programming and teaching others. Having been coding for over six years, Oliver has created numerous websites, apps, and other projects. Oliver has been teaching coding for two years and is the Co-founder and President of the Project Code Foundation. In addition to computer science, Oliver is also an active Boy Scout, a USAPhO semifinalist, and loves playing Minecraft, watching anime, and eating food.