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Curious about how things like coronavirus can affect the economy? Come learn about macroeconomics, and gain a new paradigm through which we can distill the complex economy into manageable pieces. We'll be teaching many of the commonly used models in the field of macro, as well as the different real world remedies that governments and nationals banks use to remedy these crises.
Date: July 20July 24
Time: 9:00 AM11:00 AM
Recommended Grades: 610
Location: Online


Raymond Shao
Raymond is a rising junior at Lynbrook High School who is passionate about economics and the impacts it has on the world. As the Vice President of Logistics at Lynbrook Economics Club, Raymond loves providing opportunities to himself and other like-minded individuals in their explorations of economics. Besides econ, Raymond loves Speech & Debate, Science Olympiad, and watching anime.

Ethan Lin
Ethan is a rising junior at Lynbrook High School who has been studying economics for 2 years. Well-versed in both macro and micro economics, he has received a 5 on the AP Macroeconomics Test, and competed at the state level in FBLA's Economics event. Outside of econ, Ethan enjoys programming, reading manga, and playing League of Legends.